«Tomorrow’s technology… today»

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A greek advert of a laptop from 2003 on a popular tech magazine, is titled as the «tomorrow» of technology that arrived today, and carries us back in time to remember… the future of technology back then.


The «MiTAC MiNote» introduced itself 19 years ago, featuring its powerful specs, such as the 32 MB graphics card, the 15 inch display and the undoubtly revolutionary – for the time – addon of Wireless LAN.



The portable computer was available in two versions, one with the Intel Pentium 4 of 2,4 GHz, and another one with the same CPU model at 2,8 GHz.


Both models had the insane amount of 256 MBs of RAM, enormous hard drive space at 30 GBs, while its tremendous nVidia GPU of 32 MBs of memory was exclusive to the expensive model, since the cheaper option only came with a diferrent 16 MB one.

Last but not least, both of them ran the market’s most modern operating system, the era’s all-new Windows XP.


All of these, for the quite beneficial prices of 1.899€ and 2.199€ each, along with a tiny notice on the side stating that the 18% VAT is not included, which finally drives the cost up to 2.240€ and 2.600€ individually.

Backpack included!

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