Why do I get no 5G signal on my 5G device?

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The new 5G network has started becoming a part of our lives, not only for the enormous amount of supported devices that is being released daily, but also for its rapid expansion across the world.

Most telecommunication providers globally are now 5G-ready, and have already achieved a rather high network coverage, atleast at the big cities, while it’s constantly expanding to other regions too.


So, if you have your hands on a new 5G device and watch it only reach 4G, then there are two possibilities.


  • No 5G coverage at your area by your company.


As said before, 5G is still in an early stage worldwide. This means that its development is still not complete, and it obviously doesn’t apply to the whole globe yet. That being said, the most likely scenario is that it is not currently available at your region. Note that every telecommunications company has its own network, meaning that each one of them may cover parts of the map that other’s don’t, and vice versa.


  • Your device, although 5G-compatible, has still not received functional certification by your service provider.


If you belong to a geographical part where 5G connectivity is proven, but your 5G phone still cannot find it, then it is quite possible that your phone’s model has yet to receive an operative certificate from your company. Mobile service providers choose manually the list of devices that will be allowed to their 5G network, after running multiple tests and measurements. This is obviously a kind of quality control, to ensure that the models that are granted the ability to connect to their network, are capable of taking efficient advantage of its potential, without problems and incompatibility issues. Such tests are ran daily, so in the unfortunate case that your phone is still not on the supported list, it’s only a matter of time until it does.



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